Powderham Castle has been our family home for over 600 years. It was built by Sir Philip Courtenay in the 14th century and, despite many alterations and additions to adapt the Castle to changing times, Philip and his many descendants would undoubtedly still recognise it today.

It is an honour to live in these beautiful and historic surroundings, and it gives the us great pleasure to share it with many visitors each year. There is so much to see, enjoy and appreciate that we cannot take full value from it ourselves. Nor, frankly, could we afford to maintain it without the help and support of our visitors.

You are therefore doubly welcome. Your visit makes a contribution to our shared heritage and we hope that, following your visit, you will leave with fond memories and affection for our home and its many treasured stories.

Please read below some lovely comments from visitors to Powderham Castle.

"Enjoying our first family holiday with pup and we were concerned about where we would go. We discovered however Devon is dog friendly, well the places we visited were anyway, including Powderham. Cookie did bark during the tour but the guide, Bridget, wasn't worried. The children range in age from 10 to 15, our two are used to these places but we also look after children and they all thoroughly enjoyed it, the Pirate show was a bonus but it was the secret doors in the castle that clinched it.  Bridget was so knowledgable and her enthusiasm and pride for Powderham was clear for all to see. George even impressed her with his knowledge of face guards around the fireplaces. Thank you for making a great memory for the whole family"

"what a wonderful tour guide we had, his name was Dave.Not only was his passion and enthusiasm for the castle evident in the way he explained all the history of the castle. He also realised that my two very young children (a 3 year old and 9 month old) could potentially be bored with the tour so he engaged and got them interacting with him during the tour, which kept them entertained to the extent my 3 year old explained to my neighbour about the castle and the secret doors on his return from his holiday. I just felt I had to let you know how well he represents you and I will certainly be recommending your castle tours to any of our friends who are on holiday in the area"

"We were welcomed by the gentleman in your kiosk and thoroughly enjoyed our guided tour. Your staff were uniformly charming, well-informed and seemed very committed to the castle. The castle itself is wonderful. We also enjoyed both coffee and lunch in your teashop but weren’t able to visit your gift shop because we wanted to explore the grounds. We went right up to the Belvedere which we can see from our flat, what a great place! We were also very impressed by the range of events you put on and hope we may manage to get to one of your concerts. We will definitely visit again and recommend it to friends."

" I would like to thank you all for giving us such a fantastic few hours.  Your tour guides were brilliant, really helpful and full of interesting information.  In particular thank you for sorting at short notice a wheel chair for my elderly mother, you will remember us when I say she worked with a NADFAS group restoring and rebinding a lot of the old books you have, at 94 she was very happy to be able to visit again.   It was so nice to be able to bring our golden retriever in as well. A fantastic time I won't forget. Thank you very much"